For Employees

Employees of Dun & Bradstreet. have the opportunity to invest in our children’s futures while supporting local schools through the EdAhead educational savings program.
Here’s how it works:
  • EdAhead makes it simple to save through a “set it and forget it” payroll deduction to a 529 savings plan.
  • Dun & Bradstreet will annually match (the “Match”) your contributions up to the maximum outlined in the plan documents. The company will additionally help offset the taxes incurred by this Match.
  • The Match to employees will be added to their 529 account annually, at the end of each calendar year (on or about December 31st).
  • Once the matching funds have been placed in your account, the dollars belong to you.
  • You must be employed on the date that the annual match funds are placed in accounts to receive that year’s Match.
  • Employee contributions activate a second aggregate per office match based on the matchable amount of each employee’s contribution — and will be donated to the local public school system where that office operates.

Since the program is based around a 529 education fund (with some obvious tweaks), the money within the fund may only be used for higher educational purposes. Who qualifies? Glad you asked…

  • A 529 account may be opened to benefit your own dependent children, or for other family members, or even the children of friends.
  • You can even open an account for your own education purposes.
  • Other people can contribute to your 529 savings plan so if your child’s grandparents want to put money in they can — but the Match is only for the funds that you put in.
  • See plan documents for details and tax information.
And don’t forget the employer match that goes to public schools! Through EdAhead 100% of the aggregate of matched employee contributions in each office will be awarded annually to local public school districts where Dun & Bradstreet offices operate.

Sign up now to get started!  If you have questions, reach out to Brenda Gary at:  (201) 415-6313.

Not an employee of Dun & Bradstreet? Encourage the leadership of your company to take part in this exciting new program — because education is everybody’s business®.

Alternatively, We’re hiring! :)