Introducing EdAhead®, the First Employer-Matched Education Savings Plan, Ever

Many of us in the working world understand what it’s like to put aside some of your earnings each month for retirement. The most popular form is the 401(k), which diverts pre-tax earnings into a separate savings account. Earnings diverted to this account are matched — dollar for dollar, up to a certain amount — by employers.

However, if you’re a parent (or plan on being one), you probably have another savings account into which you’re pouring post-tax earnings to help pay for your children’s education. This savings account is not buoyed by contributions of any sort, unless you have empathetic relatives who want to donate various sums each holiday.

That’s all about to change with EdAhead®.

  • With EdAhead, employers select a 529 savings plan for their employees and agree to match employee contributions up to a certain limit.
  • You can use your 529 plan to fund higher education for yourself, your children, or even your relatives’ children.
  • And the kicker: Employers also add up all the contributions they made to their employee funds each year and donate the total amount to the local public school where the business (or office) operates!
Watch the reactions when Jeff Stibel announced this plan at a board meeting!

Want to send your child — or a relative’s child? — to college? Want to go yourself? Start investing in your future, or children’s futures, now.

Education is everybody’s business®, so request your employer join us! Together we can help turn around the educational crisis in our country.


  1. Jeff, the opportunities you’ve extended keep taking us by surprise. There’s nothing that keeps me moving forward more than being on my toes each day and being excited by what the company is going to implement next. Thank you for helping us get ahead in any and every way possible. Proud to be part of the team.

  2. Bernice Brennan says:

    What a great initiative by Dun & Bradstreet Credibility! The company keeps moving things forward not only in technology but in things that matter close to the hearts of its employees. Congrats Jeff and the team for launching this!

  3. This is an exciting new incentive! As a working parent of two kids (soon-to-be three), I am extremely appreciative of my company for creating and offering this program – and I am ecstatic to participate. Just like any parent, I am scraping together whatever I can to save for my children’s education and future. This incentive rapidly expands those efforts while providing tax benefits as well! And I have to point out that the “community” aspect of the matching makes me proud to be a part of a company that is not only focused inward, but also looking to improve the community around us. Thank you Jeff!!

  4. Tara Davis says:

    Jeff and team,

    I’m so excited and thankful for the ongoing innovation you bring not only to the small business owner and employees at Dun & Bradstreet Credibility Corp, but to the local communities. Thank you for providing another resource that “pays it forward” and invests in the future – of employees, our children and our schools. I’m so very proud to be a part of your organization!

  5. Justin Houghton says:

    Another spectacular display of innovation team! This type of giving is unheard of these days. Another proud example of why our company is so great and will continue to be for the future! Not just in the best products and service but its people too! One graduating high school this year and two right behind her. What a gift for our family!! Thank you Jeff and all that put fourth the effort to make this a reality!

  6. This is a revolutionary program that all companies should adopt. I am very proud to have the opportunity to participate in EdAhead. Jeff, my family and I sincerely thank you for this program.

  7. So far I only have a dog, and he has minimal higher education needs, but hopefully I’ll have kids one day.. I’m inspired by this match program so I’m going to start saving now which I know will greatly reduce the cost burden when the time comes for my children to attend college. I also love the local match component! Great stuff.

  8. Don Berkman says:

    I love that our company is going to places where no other company has gone before. The 401K plan is now part of the common vernacular and named after the IRS provision 401 that enables the tax benefits of this program. Can’t wait until the IRS Passes EdAhead and millions of Americans can take part in such a fantastic program!!!