Over $300,000 Donated to School Districts Around the Country in 2015

In just 2015 alone, Dun & Bradstreet‘s EdAhead initiative donated over $300,000 to various schools across the country. Here’s a break down of each school the company supported by donating to their Science, Technology, Engineering and Math programs.

– Tempe, Arizona: $4,100
– Short Hills, New Jersey: $5,650
– Greensboro, North Carolina: $19,271
– Tucson, Arizona: $20,595
– Bethlehem, Pennsylvania: $32,355
– Los Angeles, California: $100,000
– Santa Monica & Malibu, California: $100,000 + $25,800 intern scholarships

To see what some of the funding has been used for, check out a recap of two Malibu team members’ tour of some of the local schools.