U.S. News and World Report Covers EdAhead 529 Match

In an article about how parents can better save money for college expenses, U.S. News and World Report interviewed Amber Colley, Director of Sales Partnerships at Dun & Bradstreet, and Dun & Bradstreet Vice Chairman, Jeff Stibel, about how the company’s pioneering work in the field of education has helped parents and students alike.

Colley, an employee in Dun & Bradstreet’s Greensboro, North Carolina office, has been able to save nearly $20,000 for her children’s college expenses due in part to the EdAhead® match of her yearly 529 contribution.

The EdAhead education savings program is also the first education savings plan with a multiple match. Employee contributions are matched by company dollars while activating a donation to local public schools. 

College savings benefits are gaining traction with employers around the country, and some states are even implementing tax benefits to support companies who choose to help parents save for the cost of education.

In an interview for the article, Vice Chairman Jeff Stibel noted that the EdAhead program is “one of the things that puts people over the top to work here, and it is one of the things that people say they will regret if they leave.”

About EdAhead

EdAhead® is a revolutionary program designed to stress the importance of education for the future of America’s business success. By uniting employees and employers in contributing to students’ preparation for college, helping fund college savings, and improving local schools, EdAhead is an investment in student’s futures for personal success, community well being, and global prosperity.

The EdAhead program is a welcome bridge between saving today for education tomorrow, and it’s not just for parents. Any employee can be a steward of a child’s educational opportunity. We encourage any and every company to join our commitment to the importance of education to a shared future of leadership and strength.

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Introducing EdAhead®, the First Employer-Matched Education Savings Plan, Ever

Many of us in the working world understand what it’s like to put aside some of your earnings each month for retirement. The most popular form is the 401(k), which diverts pre-tax earnings into a separate savings account. Earnings diverted to this account are matched — dollar for dollar, up to a certain amount — by employers.

However, if you’re a parent (or plan on being one), you probably have another savings account into which you’re pouring post-tax earnings to help pay for your children’s education. This savings account is not buoyed by contributions of any sort, unless you have empathetic relatives who want to donate various sums each holiday.

That’s all about to change with EdAhead®.

  • With EdAhead, employers select a 529 savings plan for their employees and agree to match employee contributions up to a certain limit.
  • You can use your 529 plan to fund higher education for yourself, your children, or even your relatives’ children.
  • And the kicker: Employers also add up all the contributions they made to their employee funds each year and donate the total amount to the local public school where the business (or office) operates!
Watch the reactions when Jeff Stibel announced this plan at a board meeting!

Want to send your child — or a relative’s child? — to college? Want to go yourself? Start investing in your future, or children’s futures, now.

Education is everybody’s business®, so request your employer join us! Together we can help turn around the educational crisis in our country.